Shadang Juice

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Key Ingredients:

Papita leaf juice (Carica papaya), Wheat grass leaf juice (Triticum sativum), Anaar fruit juice (Punica granatum), Aloe vera leaf juice (Aloe barbadensis), Giloy steam juice (Tinospora cordifolia), Tulsi leaf juice (Ocimum sanctum).

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Basic Ayurveda Shadang Juice is specially prepared for Dengue and other viral disease. It increases Platelet count as well. This Juice is a mixing of six herbal juices are Papaya leaf Giloy Stem, Wheat Grass, Tulsi, Aloevera, Anaar which make it perfect for Dengue. It’s a great combination for Papaya Leaf Giloy and Tulsi Juice. It gives excellent effect in rheumatic fever and increase the number of platelets.

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