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The Name Story :

The BASIC AYURVEDA name is symbolic of its origin. " BASIC" means "Essential" or "Fundamental", which is necessary for living. And is synonymous for the our superior quality . "AYURVEDA "means "the knowledge for long life".It is an ancient Indian branch of medicine...  based on herbs and plants to cure diseases and enhance health.
         Put together , BASIC and AYURVEDA become BASIC AYURVEDA , an Ayurvedic product manufacturing INDIAN company/brand.

Our mission is to keep on researching and developing the Natural way to keep human to look young as long as it takes. By this goal we promise to all the consumers the best quality the best services we can ever provide to you at all times. We will make sure that all the consumers will achieve the same results as they use our products and be very satisfy at all times.

Basic Ayurveda is an Ayurvedic Research and Manufacturing Company offering a wide range of Herbal Products for beauty and health care.

All the products, manufactured and marketed are backed up with clinical data. The active principles in these products are time tested and well documented in the Ayurvedic Science. While the whole world is attempting to be in harmony with nature to lead a more ecofriendly way of life, we are committed to serve mankind with high quality products. In producing these products endeavors to meet the burgeoning demand world wide for herbal formulations in the Ayurvedic and Cosmetic Industries through dedicated research and scientific application.

Today we are proud to say that Basic Ayurveda has launched itself into a high potential area of herbal formulations with a sound infra-structure and high standards of production.

Currently Basic Ayurveda is exporting the products to various markets in the Middle East, South East Asia, Canada, North America, Australia & Europian countries.

Amit K. Upadhyay

Founder - Basic Ayurveda  

Basic Ayurveda ( India )

46, Anand Industrial Estate,
Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad,
U.P. 201007 (INDIA)

Email: basicayurveda@gmail.com