Rose or Rosa centifolia is also known as Shatapatri or Taruni and is available in various parts of India.It is used in the traditional system of medicine for managing various diseases.
Rose powder or petal jam (gulkand) is useful in managing digestive problems like hyperacidity and diarrhea due to its anti-inflammatory property.
Rose water, derived from its petals, is good for rejuvenating skin and fighting skin problems like allergies and acne. A few drops of Rose water may help provide instant relief from strain in the eyes due to its Sita (cooling) and Ropan (healing) properties. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using Rose water for eye problems.
Using Rose oil in a diffuser can help calm and soothe the senses as its fragrance is a powerful mood enhancer.


  • Hyperacidity
  • Diarrhea
  • Menorrhagia
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction


  • Rose Powder - ¼-½ teaspoon twice a day.
  • Rose Capsule - 1-2 capsules twice a day.
  • Rose Juice - 2-3 teaspoons twice a day.