Basic Ayurveda Jamun Ras (Indian Black Berry) | 100% Organic Natural Herbal Juice | Keep Skin Fresh | Good for Eye & Skin Health | Regulate Blood Sugar Level | Keeps Teeth and Gums Healthy | Natural Blood Purifier.

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Bullet Point:

  • Basic Ayurveda's Jamun Juice( Indian blackberry) has several nutritional values. It has a great source of essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. Juice has many beauty and health benefits to offer.
  • Jamun or Indian Black Berry (Eugenia jambolana), is a very important Ayurveda herb. Jamun is mainly used in Ayurveda. among other things, it is especially beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels. Jamun helps manage skin associated problems such as skin allergy, rashes, and redness due to its strong healing activity.
  • Jamun Juice is a Natural Blood Purifier as it is rich in Iron. It is a low-calorie fruit and is having many health benefits. People suffering from anaemia should consume its seeds in their daily diet due to its high iron content. Who has a low haemoglobin count must consume it daily? The oxygenated blood with good amounts of haemoglobin reaches various parts of our body. Skin based issues are easy.
  • Health Benefits of Jamun Juice: Improve the appearance of skin by reducing oxidation stress and lowering inflammation levels. Reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Increase the strength of the immune system. Maintain healthy circulation and delivery of oxygen. Helps in Weight loss in Ayurveda. Digestive like diarrhoea, vomiting. Good for eyesight

Dosages Instruction:

Jamun or the Indian blackberry nutritious drink with has a unique astringent taste. An all-natural healer with no side effects! Drink 60mL. (1 to 2 measuring cups) per day before every meal twice a day as a nutritious drink.


Ayurvedic Herbal Juice Natural 100% Organic Jamun/Indian BlackBerry (Eugenia jambolana) Fruit Juice.

Shelf Life: 2 Years


Basic Ayurveda Jamun Ras (Indian BlackBerry) Natural Blood Purifier | Pimples Problem | Regulate Blood Sugar Level | 500ml Basic Ayurveda Research & Development department produces safe, efficacious, and consistent herbal supplements. It formulates products with a high concentration of natural and pure herbs.

  • Keep Skin Fresh
  • Good for Eye & Skin Health
  • Regulate Blood Sugar Level
  • Keeps Teeth and Gums Healthy
  • Natural Blood Purifier

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