Basic Ayurveda Oxy Meal Tablet (40 Tablet) | Helpful for All type of stomach problem | Helps to Reduce acidity | Helpful for heartburn | Helpful in vomiting.

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Bullet Point:

  • The formulation of this tablet with all-natural herbs makes it not only effective medicine for gas and acidity related issues but also has zero side effects
  • In cases where there is more gas released, the stomach-acid production is kept minimal with its intake
  • This reduces heartburns which are predominantly observed in middle-aged and older persons
  • Ulcers and refluxes in the oesophagus tract are also diminished with its regular intake
  • Thus freeing you from itching and burns in the throat section

Dosages Instruction:

1-2 tablets two to three times a day preferably with warm water.


  • Mulethi extract
  • Giloy extract
  • Shank Bhasma
  • Mukasukti Bhasma
  • Anavar

Shelf Life.

3 years


Basic Ayurveda Oxy Meal Tablet is a rich-in-herb capsule with a blend of almost all the Indian spices making it very effective for any kind of intestinal and oesophagus related problems. It lowers down the increasing gases produced in the stomach leading to heartburns. These problems are usually discovered in adults and aged persons which can be treated if taken regularly in a proper dosage.

  • Helpful for All types of stomach problem
  • Helps to Reduce acidity
  • Helpful for heartburn
  • Helpful in vomiting

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