Basic Ayurveda Kankayan Bati (Arsh) 40 Tablet

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Bullet Point

  • Used to treat abdominal lumps, heart diseases, bloating, and piles
  • It is used with camel milk to treat the menstrual bleeding
  • The tablet is given with cow milk which can treat the abdominal conditions
  • It can also treat intestinal worms and the extra growth
  • It cures constipation and improves your digestive power
  • Regularly use of the medicines helps to reduce pain and provide relief to your piles

Dosages Instruction:

  • Take 1-2 tablets after or before food
  • Consume 1-2 times a day
  • Prescribed by your ayurvedic doctor


  • Hedychium spicatum or Shati
  • Pushkaramoola or Inula Racemosa
  • Hingu, Maricha, and Ajowan seed


Basic Ayurveda Kankayan Bati (Arsh) is a medicinal tablet that is used for the treatment of intestinal worms, bloating, and piles. The tablet is used as an Ayurveda treatment to cure different diseases. The fine powder of herbs is triturated with the help of lemon juice and is rolled into pills.

  • Helps in abdominal lumps
  • Helpful in treating heart diseases
  • Treats menstrual bleeding
  • It can be consumed with sour drinks or alcohol to cure bloating and piles

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