Basic Ayurveda Moringa Leaf Powder Sounjana Sahjan (Moringa Olifera) - Pure & Natural Plant based product | For Joint Pain Relief

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  • Moringa is a plant native to India and other countries. It contains 9 essential amino acids, 46 antioxidants, 92 nutrients, 27 vitamins, 18, amino acids, and 36 anti-inflammatories (Omega 3,6,9) making it useful due to the nutritional and plant-based properties of moringa powder.
  • Basic Ayurveda Moringa leaf powder due to the nutritional and ayurvedic properties of Moringa. It contains 15x potassium of bananas, 17x calcium of milk, 4x chlorophyll of wheat grass, 25x iron of spinach, 0.75x vitamin C of oranges, 9x protein of yoghurt, 10x vitamin A of carrots, 12x vitamin E of almonds, 36x magnesium of eggs.
  • Moringa is also known as Drumstick. It is a superfood, it can be eaten whole or can be used in powder form. It helps hair and skin healthy. It is mainly used in Ayurveda skin health, joint pain, digestive problems, blood pressure, bone health, and children's health.
  • Moringa is one of the solutions to many health problems. It leaves contain several important vitamins: Vitamin A which helps maintain healthy vision, and immunity. Vitamin C helps the body from pollutants and toxins. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant.
  • Moringa Leaf Powder is beneficial in diseases like joint pain and asthma.
  • Even today, the villagers believe that by using drumsticks, the risk of getting virus-related diseases, such as smallpox, is averted.
  • Eating drumstick gum benefits chronic arthritis, joint pain, air accumulation, and gout diseases.
  • The treatment of problems like Arthritis, Joint pain with & without Sciatica Any type of muscle, bone pain & nerve pain
  • There are no alternatives in present-day medication for Fresh and Pure Natural Organic Herbs.
  • We provide 100% genuine herbs. No trans fat, no colours, no chemicals, no preservatives added.


  • Sahjan / Moringa Gond (Moringa Oleifera) 100% w/w.

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Dosages Instruction:  

  • 5 To 10 Gram Daily before meal dilute with water or as directed by the physician.

Benefits:  Due to the nutritional and medicinal properties of Moringa, it is mainly used in Ayurveda. Basic Ayurveda Moringa leaf powder is an important food source in some parts of the world. It can be grown cheaply and easily and retains much of its nutritional value when dried. It seems to help protect cells from damage. Moringa gond contains a good amount of various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and complete amino acids. Protein, calcium, and magnesium in Moringa gond. Rich in potassium, iron, and vitamins.

  • Joint pain
  • Chronic Asthma
  • Virus-related diseases (smallpox)
  • Air accumulation
  • Skin health
  • Digestive problems
  • Blood pressure
  • Bones health
  • Shining hairs

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Basic Ayurveda Moringa Leaf Powder Sounjana Sahjan (Moringa Olifera) - Pure & Natural Plant based product | For Joint Pain ReliefBasic Ayurveda Moringa Leaf Powder Sounjana Sahjan (Moringa Olifera) - Pure & Natural Plant based product | For Joint Pain Relief

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