Basic Ayurveda Pradarantak Ras 40 Tablet

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Bullet Point

  • It deals with female disorders and anaemia.
  • It gives strength to the uterus and ovary.
  • It gives relief in abnormal discharge from the vagina, low appetite, digestive impairment, low fever, weakness, irritability, and pain in the vagina, lower back, and pelvic.

Dosages Instruction:

  • Take 1-1 tablet morning and evening twice in a day with honey or ghee or as directed by a physician.


  • Shuddha Parada
  • Shuddha Gandhaka
  • Shuddha Vanga bhasma
  • Rupyaka/Rajata bhasma
  • Kharpara bhasma
  • Kapardika bhasma
  • Lauha churna bhasma


Basic Ayurveda's Pradarantak Ras is an Ayurvedic product. in tablet form. Helpful for female health-related problems.

  • Helpful in Menorrhagia
  • Helpful in Leucorrhoea
  • Helpful in Dysmenorrhoea
  • Effective in Anemia

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