Basic Ayurveda Swarna Bhasma

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Bullet Point

  • Act as a natural aphrodisiac, cardiac tonic, immune booster, and heavy to digest.
  • Improves intelligence, memory, and speaking capacity.
  • Effectively treat Malabsorption syndrome, dyspepsia, hiccup, anemia, dyspnoea, asthma, fever, tissue wasting, tuberculosis, impaired intelligence, epilepsy, rupture/weakness of ligaments, heart disease, disease due to Vata dosha,  syphilis, poison,  loss of memory, mania, psychosis, hoarseness of voice, diseases of the skin, senility/progeriasis.

Dosages Instruction:

  • Take 0.05 to 0.1 mg twice a day with honey, cream, milk, sitopaladi churna, or at least 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.


  •  Swarna Bhasma


Basic Ayurveda's Swarna Bhasma is an Ayurvedic product. Helpful for various health-related problems.

  • Helpful for heart-related problems
  • Helpful for mental problems.
  • Helpful for skin problems.
  • Helps to improve immunity

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